Directed Activity 10 – My clients needs

I will be creating an infographic for my client, telling everyone the journey of his company, the Photo project and two other companies. The target audience for his companies are 18-35 – This is a young entertainments company mainly focusing in the nightlife industry, it is also going to attracting attention for potential new staff.

Ben originally wanted a recruitment poster but changed his mind when I told him how well an infographic could work, having done work for Ben before I know his preferences to style, he likes colourful but simple.

I’ve used a infographic software to do my infographic, I find it much easier to create my content using a template, this infographic has anchor links, video and photos.

Directed Activity 8 – Advice for first year bloggers

First word of advice, make a blog on what YOU are interested in, even if your lecturer doesn’t want you to do a beauty blog, do it anyway. It’s your degree not theirs.

Pick a good URL quickly, they get snapped up quickly.
Comment on other people’s blogs.
Read other people’s blogs daily.

Have a look at my website for inspiration.

Use canva for all your featured images, use original images.

Media Festival

Leeds Trinity University held a media festival where ex students and lecturers came and spoke about jobs in the media.
Day 1
An interview with Harpz Kaur a bbc radio presenter, she spoke about  never passing up opportunities and what’s it like working on the radio and how it affects her life online and offline.

SEO Advice
A talk from Daniel Taylor who is an SEO specialist. It was very interesting.

There was also a talk from Bob the head of media at the university talking about youtube.

I couldn’t attend the rest due to work so I have added a video one of the students did.