Directed Activity 4 – The highs and lows

This weeks blog post will be about the highs and lows and what it’s really like working as a female photographer in the nightclub industry.

Before I tell you my highs and lows I should state that these are my own personal experiences and not all nightclubs are the same.

The Lows
The groping, I don’t know what it is about men (and women) but as soon as they drink they seem to think it’s ok to touch other people, without asking them first. Imagine the scenario… I’m 18, it’s my second weekend of working and out of nowhere I’m fireman lifted into the air by some 6ft giant of a man for no reason, my bum is out for everyone to see and I am mortified I was going to quit there and then.

My first club night, I should NOT have worn a dress.

The sexism – Nightclubs are still in the dark ages when it comes to gender equality, I remember one night there was a male videographer and me working the same night. He was greeted with a handshake and “let me know if you need anything” I was given a pat on the shoulder and a sympathetic “let me know if you need help”. The person that said that to me was one of these really annoying promo boys, the one that skip leg day, wear too much hairspray and stand outside all night not doing much.

The promo boys – I don’t need to explain this, if you know then you know.

Lack of sleep – I used to work full time and do this job on the side which meant working until 4am and doing a shift at McDonalds at 6am, not fun when you’re legs are burning from circling a club 1000 times and your ears are ringing.

Now here’s the good  bit…

The Highs

Good vibes

The music – Music makes the atmosphere and the atmosphere makes the night, a decent DJ will make your night 10 thousand times better.

The contacts – You meet so many talented creative people working in nightclubs, from the light jockey to the DJ’s, most people working in clubs have second jobs and they’re some of the hardest working people out there.

MHand – DJ

The Drunks – Yes they’re people who spill drinks on you but there’s also the people who make you laugh with how ridiculously drunk they are.



Please stop dabbing

The ‘shot’ – When you get the shot that makes all the lows worth it, being able to capture an atmosphere is one of the best feelings ever.
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